"Having observed and interacted with Brad Berger for more than a decade, I am truly impressed by his dedication, professionalism, and impact on his clients. His empathetic approach, deep understanding of human behavior, and ability to inspire positive change sets him apart in the coaching industry. Brad is a beacon of inspiration and excellence, and I have immense respect for the transformative work he achieves. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking profound personal growth and development. He knows what he’s doing."
Doug Carter, President
Carter International Training and Development
"As a referral and business coach, I recognize excellence in others, and Brad truly stands out in the field. His specialized expertise in helping financial advisors transition from practices to thriving firms is unparalleled. With a keen understanding of the industry nuances and a proven track record of success, Brad empowers advisors to scale their businesses strategically and sustainably. I highly recommend his services to any financial advisor looking to elevate their practice to new heights."
Mark Pace - Creator of “The Referral Multiplier"


"Brad helped transform and grow my business through financial planning practice consulting. While I am a CFP® and coach my clients, he helped me truly take my wealth management practice and transform it into a fully comprehensive financial planning firm. He helped me transition through an acquisition and expand my practice and assets under management by optimizing my clients’ offerings and adding additional value. My practice became more efficient with repeatable processes and a client review cycle. Brad later helped coach me on the planning for and operational transition of my succession plan. He is transparent, authentic, and easy to work with. I will work with him again!"
Tresa Leftenant CFP® BFA


"Coaching from Brad and Ideal Life 360 has been a godsend. I have much more satisfaction with and clarity in all areas of my life—my business, family, extensive volunteer work, and physical, spiritual, and mental health—than I would have without his coaching. Brad’s coaching style is ideal for driven people with big ideas who want to change the world and can benefit from accountability and wisdom from a wise, insightful coach."
Karen P.
"Whether you are a relatively new Financial Advisor or a seasoned veteran, you must take Brad’s Practice RevolutionTM. I had the benefit of taking several of the same coaching programs as Brad over my career. It was refreshing and inspiring to learn how he has mastered various key concepts and integrated them into a very comprehensive Financial Planning practice. You will have a better business and a better life if you adopt the teachings from this program."
Thomas Moore, CFP®, CLU


"When I think of Brad Berger, I affirm that he is someone who explores and expands into the richest and most authentic version of himself that he can be. Brad lives with a bold and courageous passion for life! He is a brilliant example of leadership in every sense of the word. He brings his military “no man left behind” mindset into his coaching and training. He is committed, loyal, and full of integrity. I love that Brad dreams big and chases his dreams with enthusiasm and vengeance and this transfers to those who work with him. When you get Brad- you get a man who soars fearlessly into unchartered realms. It is no wonder he has combined his love of flying with his extraordinary gift for coaching. For Brad- The Sky is the Limit!"
Ellie Lamson, Founder
Extraordinary U


"Brad’s inspirational message motivated me to take decisive action towards improving my health. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. It feels as if I've discovered a miracle cure. Not only has my physical ability increased, but I also enjoy increased energy and improved sleep quality. I can't thank Brad enough for the guidance and inspiration he provided. Without his encouragement, I might not have embarked on this path of change at such a crucial time."
Todd Dathe
"I believe that the best thing that can be said about any human is that they made life better. Brad Berger has made my life better. His vision, leadership and drive to succeed has provided opportunities for me to improve my life and become a more effective human in making other lives better. I’m very grateful. Thanks for everything you’ve brought to my life!"
Colin Karewa Forbes
Powerful Peace


"I am younger in attitude and performance for my 81 chronological years, than might be expected by our culture, because of the perspective, self-knowledge and habits I have gained from Brad Berger’s Ideal Life 360 personal development courses. I became motivated to address some aspects of my life in hope of making it even more fulfilling. With Brad’s coaching I refined my values; aligned unmet goals with those values; shifted self-limiting mind sets; identified strengths and weaknesses and acquired practical tools for effective time management, especially to increase opportunities for physical and spiritual health. This new awareness and behavior are now part of my daily application to every aspect of my life. The dynamic quality of his professional and personal lives inspires others to seek their own maximum potential."
Sandy W.


"Brad is a pleasure to work with. He is professional and personable, very approachable, and non-judgmental. I not only learned a lot from him but am also inspired by hearing and watching him strive towards his goals. He is supportive and encouraging of my goals and encourages the development of the whole self, which I love. From financial planner to life coach and positive intelligence coach, he is well rounded to say the least. Five stars for Brad Berger!"
Cindy D
"Working with Brad as a mindset coach has been truly transformative. His guidance and support have helped me shift my perspective, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and approach challenges with a positive mindset. I feel more empowered, focused, and capable of achieving my goals than ever before. I highly recommend working with Brad to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and live a more fulfilling life."
Rex M.


"Brad is the ideal coach as you work on achieving your ideal life. He has done the work himself and is generous with his time and talents. I have attended many of his ideal life days and the tools and information helped me focus on several life goals that helped me live the life of my dreams. Brad is caring, smart, and authentic. I'm grateful for all he has helped me achieve."
Jana P.
"I have known Brad for many years. Brad has been instrumental in providing information on Living Your Best Life through workshops, seminars, and lectures. He has introduced Vital Life and Positive Intelligence to his clients. He is positive, supportive proponent of assisting others in having the information to live their own best life. Brad is an inspiration to those he comes in contact with, as he leads by example on How to Live a Vital Life."
Lynn D.




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