Experience, Expertise, and Transformative Impact: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Brad Berger's more than three decades as a self-employed business owner, coupled with his extensive experience in recruiting, training, and mentoring advisors, managers, and senior leaders, uniquely positions him as a consultant who understands the intricacies of building and leading successful teams and organizations. His background in creating a world-class holistic comprehensive financial planning firm demonstrates his ability to drive growth, foster high-performance cultures, and achieve sustainable business success.

Brad's Approach to Mental Fitness and Leadership

Brad's role as a Positive Intelligence Coach enables him to assist individuals in quieting their inner mind chatter and strengthening their powers of empathy, exploration, innovation, navigation, and activation. His expertise in understanding how individuals interact with the world and others, combined with a deep understanding of building highly effective and productive teams, equips him to drive performance and resolve conflicts.

PrinciplesYou and PrinciplesUs: Maximizing Efficiency, Cooperation, and Results

Through the PrinciplesYou and PrinciplesUs methodology, Brad empowers individuals, teams, and leaders to resolve tension, maximize efficiency, and cooperation by leveraging strengths and supporting opportunities to achieve maximum impact. His unique perspectives and deep experience are crucial for building profitable and sustainable businesses, providing leaders with the structure needed to achieve remarkable results.

A Multifaceted Leader with a Wealth of Expertise

Brad's leadership experience spans various levels, from specialty platoon leader and executive officer in the military to managerial, directorial, and C-Suite roles in both corporate and private companies. His diverse designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, Chartered Leadership Fellow, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Behavioral Financial Advisor, Holistic Life Planner, and Master Integrative Life Coach reflect his multidisciplinary expertise.

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