Why Eat Seasonally?

First, what is ‘eating in season’ anyway? Ok, ‘eating in season’ means that you are eating foods that naturally occur during that season and are planted, harvested and or caught within their own natural seasonal cycle.

Ok, so now the why…

In season foods are:

* Higher in nutrients

* Fresher (having to travel less distances and sprayed with less chemicals to keep them fresh during travel)

* Promotes local farming

* Is better for the environment (which means that it is better for your future foods because over growth out of season pulls rich nutrients out of the soils therefore leaving the soil depleted and producing nutrient poor foods in the next harvest)

Here is a link that offers weekly updates on what is in season. You can easily check out this site before you head to the grocery store or market each week http://www.eattheseasons.com

Happy eating in this season!