Many people overlook aqua fitness and aqua therapy. I have heard many people say ‘isn’t that for old folks’? The answer…both yes and no. Aqua fitness and aqua therapy are both tremendously beneficial post injury to strengthen and rehabilitate weaknesses and injuries without unnecessary impact on the joints. But using aquatics in your personal exercise and wellness program have numerous uses and benefits. Here are a few:

Benefits of Aquatic Fitness

1. It can serve as a wonderful form of low-no impact cardio!

2. Using the water as resistance can provide a full body sculpting and strengthening workout.

3. You can easily adjust the intensity of your aqua workouts to meet your needs and advance from beginner levels to high intensity workouts as well!

4. A great way to both strengthen and rehabilitate injuries and weaknesses in the body at a fraction of the cost of physical therapy.

Many gyms offer aqua fitness classes, however very few offer aqua therapy. On my fitness and wellness members section we will be posting both aqua therapy classes and also aqua fitness classes. You can watch them there and then go to your local pool and try them out yourselves!

Wondering how to get an intense workout in the pool? Get a pair of ankle and wrist weights or resistance ankle bands and resistance dumbbells for aqua fitness and try out your favorite free weight training exercises in the pool! A great high intensity workout in the pool looks like a combination of cardio (running in place or jumping jacks) with circuit style weight exercises!

Another creative and therapeutic use for the pool is yoga, yes yoga! Try practicing all standing poses (tree, eagle, king dancer, and standing hip openers) in the pool! It is restorative and refreshing!