Preparing for the Holidays

Invest in your holiday wellness with a good game plan!

The holidays are just around the corner! I will be posting on topics like relationships, emotional wellness, holiday fitness and nutrition and of course on the much dreaded post holiday weight issues…but since I am all about balance, holistic (whole person wellness) and prevention, let’s talk some preventative measures today.

This holiday season, eat small, eat often, and move more!

Let that be your mantra this season along with ‘All things In Balance’! It is important to enjoy the holidays but doing so without causing problems later. So let’s break down this preventative statement, eat small, eat often, and move more into simple action steps:

Eat Small
I’m not saying ‘don’t eat the cookie’, I am just saying ‘don’t eat the whole jar at once’! Try to eat small portions for each meal. This will help you burn off the calories and use them up versus end up storing excess calories as fat!

Eat Often
Instead of falling into the typical holiday meal pattern of gorging ourselves with a few massive meals, eat often, every three or four hours! This will keep your metabolism functioning at a high pace and also facilitate your digestive system to properly digesting and absorbing nutrients.

Move More
I know, I know, aying around all day can be a huge part of your families holiday traditions. Well, it’s time to make some new ones. Move more and often! Get up, get out and move! Drag the family out as well and build a snow man, play a game, take a walk, or even set up an active game in the living room or head to the gym for a family workout or yoga class.