How can you make fitness fun?

Every exercise routine can become stale after a while. Also if we don’t find ways to ENJOY exercise it seems like a chore and we tend to fall off the exercise wagon!

Here are ten ideas for adding some enjoyment to your exercise routine!

1. Take an exercise class!
Try a new kind of fitness class, teacher or location…try some kind of new class and see what you like and don’t like!

2. Make it a date!
Invite your significant other to a fitness date!

3. Fitness Buddies
Create hang time with your friends that revolves around a fitness activity

4. Get Outside
Get into nature! Hike, walk, run or bike outside! This simply change can bring SO much fulfillment.

5. Try a Sport
You may have liked or disliked sports as a kid but that doesn’t mean it holds true now! Give it a shot…show up for a pick up game of basketball, tennis or racket ball at your gym or local park.

6. Dance It Out!
Take a dance class! There are tons of great dance studios around the country that teach all different forms of dance! Check out your local Groupon or Living Social deals for dance class deals near you…it makes for a fun fit evening…and you do not need a date, you can fly solo!

7. Switch It Up
If you have been doing the same workout routine for more than 8 weeks, try changing it up. It not only brings more enjoyment to your fitness but also is great for balance in the bod!

8. Update Your Playlist
Fresh music that is fun and upbeat always makes my workouts more fun! Maybe it’s time for a simple playlist update so you can rock on!

9. Make It An Adventure
Try a fitness adventure…back packing, camping and hiking, a tough mudder or color run, zip lining, paddle board yoga or hydrobiking. Again, Living Social and Groupon are a great place to discover the fitness adventures your city offers.

10. Retreat
Fitness and wellness retreats are one of the most amazing ways to transform your fitness and wellness life! They provide incredible opportunities to de-stress, recharge and kick start your fitness!