What are healthy protein powders?

Just because a protein powder is a supplement does not mean it has ingredients that are healthy or high quality. Here is a simple reference guide to what is good and what is not in protein powder supplements.

First lets get the ‘animal source versus plant source’ debate out of the way.

Plant based protein is fast digesting (too fast to deliver protein to the muscle over a period of time when and how it is needed…fast digesting proteins usually can not be absorbed and all be put to use by your body) and even more importantly DO NOT have the same amino acid profile that animal based protein has. So stick with either whey protein or egg white protein for your choice of protein powder!

Next, avoid all artificially sweetened protein supplements like the plague! Always choose protein supplements that are sweetened with stevia!

Always try to find organic, grass-fed whey for your whey protein supplements.

Here are the whey protein supplements that we recommend:

Tera’s Whey

Whey Factors


For egg-white protein, here is our top pick:

This is unflavored so you will want to mix it into a smoothie using a small amount of fruit and almond milk.