Health Must Haves: Fall

It is fall (yay!)…however along with the change of seasons usually comes a new and interesting strand of virus’s. Here are a few must have’s and must do’s to avoid catching a cold this season!


1. L-Lysine 500mg tablets…L-Lysine boosts the bodies immune system. So give your army some weapons to fight off colds and infections by taking 500mg on an empty stomach morning and night.

2. Antibacterial hand spray or gel…many times during the day we come into contacts with germs. We can not live in a bubble but we can remember to carry antibacterial hand sanitizer with us. Clean off hands after touching door knobs and commonly touched items like gas pumps, etc. Also make sure to wipe down the handle of all shopping carts.

3. Water, water, water…flush out germs as well as give your body the proper hydration it needs to function properly…this amount is 1/2-1 oz. of water per (your) body weight.

4. 8 hours of sleep per night…if you think you are to busy for 8 hours of sleep you will most likely be WAY to busy to get sick! Invest in your health by getting a full 8 hours a night!

5. Guard your ‘rest’ day…we need a day to rest and decompress. Many ‘rest’ days end up becoming errand days. Guard your weekend by setting aside 1 whole day for rest!!!!