Is the Master Cleanse Healthy?

The Master Cleanse, like many popular health trends, is actually NOT healthy for you at all. First and foremost, I want to challenge EVERYONE to do your research before trying something new. While researching it, ask yourself ‘is this balanced’? ‘If I were to do this for 30,60, 90 days would I be healthy in the long term? Can it sustain me and give my body what it needs to function’? If the answer is ‘non’, skip it and opt for a more balanced approach!

Here’s why the Master Cleanse is NOT good for your body:

  1. It starves the body of macro and micro nutrients it needs to function. Long-term effects of doing this cleanse over an extended period of time as similar to that of people suffering from malnutrition and anorexia!
  2. It throws your brain function and hormones out of balance. Our brains need nutrients like healthy fats to function and keep our hormones in balance!
  3. It puts the body into starvation mode so your body destroys its own muscle! Ok, let me explain that a bit more, when people report losing a ton of weight on the Master Cleanse what they have actually lost is more muscle than fat. In fact, after doing the Master Cleanse a persons total body fat percentage may actually INCREASE! Why? Because they have lost muscle and so their overall body fat percentage is higher then when they began. Ever heard the term ‘skinny fat’? That’s what that is, a smaller outward appearance but an overall higher body fat percentage…not only is that not balanced, but it is unhealthy!
  4. It is rough on the liver and kidneys…why? Because the Master Cleanse’s calories mostly come from the maple syrup which is sugar. So this diet fad or so called cleanse actually dumps a ton of sugar onto the system and stresses your organs in a similar way as alcohol!
  5. It breeds yeast in your body. Yeast feeds on sugars. Yeast can cause a number of problems when there is an over growth of it in your body. Short term yeast symptoms you may see with the Master Cleanse are bloating and increase of fat around the belly area.
  6. It causes weight gain when you come off the cleanse. The Master Cleanse puts the body into starvation mode (which causes the body to store EVERYTHING…especially fat) and slows the metabolism.

This is one fad we recommend skipping!