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Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course

Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA) offers professional and master programs for those who want to begin a life coaching business or expand their life coaching practice. IWA’s Integrative Life Coaching Certification programs provide the training, tools, techniques, and resources for you to become a successful coach and build a thriving practice.

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Holistic Life Planner Certification Course

Do you have a passion for helping people to live their best life? Do you want to begin or expand a coaching career in the career and finance arena? Do you want to help clients to not just attempt to survive financially with the hopes of amassing wealth for retirement but to also THRIVE in their finances and life planning?

Our Holistic Life Planner Certification Course will equip you to help your clients to achieve a balanced and successful life plan when it comes to career & finances, family & relationships, health & wellness, self-development & spirituality.

Life planning from a truly holistic and innovative approach! Become a leader in the life planning field today!


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Become a certified Integrative Life Coach or a certified Holistic Life Planner today through Integrative Wellness Academy

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