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Ideal Life 360 offers the only truly innovative and holistic set of tools to help you reach your fullest potential in ALL areas of life.


Ideal Life 360 is a Human Performance Transformation company, aimed at equipping you with the tools to live your most ideal life. We provide various types of support to people who want to live an amazing life, including; ‘do it yourself’ courses, Transformal programs, one-on-one coaching, and immersion retreat experiences.

We created Ideal Life 360 for people who want the most out of life. All of the powerful tools that we have here at Ideal Life 360 have been designed to allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of in the areas of your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. Together we will create a 360 view of your entire life and equip you with the tools to; think and dream bigger, inspire others with your dreams and rapidly execute towards that vision. With the systems and support our programs deliver, people are achieving far more and much sooner than they ever imagined possible. They are achieving their full potential in the pursuit of a purposeful, positive, and high impact ideal life.

What to expect from Ideal Life 360:  powerful training, profound mind shifts, bio-hacking techniques, that assist you in developing deeper connections, experience incredible life adventures and uncover opportunities to multiply your impact and give back to humanity, so that you can play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish more than you ever thought possible on a timeline shorter than you ever imagined!

How We Help

We help our clients achieve these benefits through our online courses. Get the support and tools you need to transform your life! For more information, or to register for one of our programs, designed to equip you with the skills to live your ideal life, click below…

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We help our clients achieve these benefits through private coaching. Get the support and tools you need to transform your life! For more information, about private coaching designed to vastly accelerate your results, click below…

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Ideal Life 360’s Mission

The mission of Ideal Life 360 is to provide as many people as possible with the
tools and resources they need to create their most ideal life.

We educate the masses on expanding human potential and equip them with the tools necessary in order to grow and live the most ideal life possible. We are passionate about increasing the actualization of human potential. We aim to equip people with the tools and resources they need to overcome the Killer Ds: early Disengagement, accelerated Decline and premature Death.

The key differentiation between Ideal Life 360 and other companies in the self-development arena, is our approach. Not only do we have a history and wealth of experience, where we have derived our work from, but we aim to expand the whole self; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This approach, coupled with both an inside-out and outside-in exploration of self, gives our clients an exciting path to achieving the life they want to live.

Inside-out and outside-in means both overcoming the limiting beliefs and core issues such as negative emotions while also shifting behavior patterns in order to experience lasting positive change.



Brad Berger – Founder and CEO of Ideal Life 360

Brad is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, author, speaker, and coach who has almost three decades of comprehensive financial planning, coaching, and career counseling experience. Previously, Brad served with an international financial-planning firm, starting in private practice and culminating a 17-year career as the Director of Advisor Operations. Recognizing he wasn’t living the advice he routinely gave to both clients and advisors to maintain a balanced and high quality of life, he decided to return to private practice in 2008 in order to spend more time with his family and in his community and joined a financial planning firm that is more holistically aligned, where he is currently a partner and practicing planner.

Brad’s own journey towards balance and self-development led him to expand his own tools. Brad became a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach through Integrative Wellness Academy. He is the author of the book, Stop Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses: They’re Broke Anyway and is passionate about equipping people to live their ideal life.  Brad also serves on the faculty of the Integrative Wellness Academy and is the head instructor and creator of the Holistic Life Planner certification course.

Brad believes that life and financial planning is not an event, it is a journey!

A Note From Brad

Colin Forbes, MILC, HLP

Colin is a life coach trained in the Integrative Wellness Academy’s Life and Master coach systems.  He has an intense passion for helping people find their way in life, both personally and professionally.  His business career spans 30+ years of corporate finance experience, including private and public companies.  Colin’s career started with Ernst & Young CPA’s and includes extensive international experience including the Middle East and Australia. 

Eventually his personal life became a focus as the father of 3 children, 2 of whom are cognitively disabled sons.  They are cared for daily by him and the love of his life, Gille, his wife of 35 years.  This ‘curve ball’ that life has thrown him has been a driving force in his life and career, forcing him to ‘walk the road less traveled’ in order to find fulfillment and joy.  This challenge/blessing has led to a profound evolution of his life approach which gives him a unique perspective which he is excited to share with others who are seeking to find their direction on their roads of finance, career and personal fulfillment.

Colin believes there is purpose and meaning in every life and every life event.  He is excited to be part of the Ideal Life 360 team and the profound work we are doing in the world!

T. Mark Pace

Founder of The Vital Longevity Institute, and creator of the Vitalign System, Mark exposes once and for all the deeply held yet false and ruinous beliefs holding everyone back. Spoiler alert: these false beliefs are the cause of practically every type of suffering in our society.

Mark’s work and the Vitalign System are based on 40 plus years of entrepreneurial success, 20 years of research, and over two and a half years of field testing. Mark is the mastermind behind a system that empowers you to:

  • Make rapid, permanent, positive changes and finally stick to all those New Year’s resolutions you’ve been making and breaking
  • Feel great every day of your life, for the rest of your life… no matter how long you live
  • Have wonderful, fully-engaged, purposeful relationships with everyone you care about
  • Never worry about money again
  • And much more!

Here are a few other things you may find interesting about Mark:

  • He is also the founder of ObjectiView and the creator of the Life Insurance Performance Management system (LIPM™)
  • He is a nationally renowned speaker and author who delivers platform level presentations as well as workshops for smaller groups
  • He lives in Jackson MS with his wife Cathy
  • Together they have three adult children (Alex, Natalie and Bryan)
  • And two large dogs (Mozart and Sebastian)
  • Mark’s hobbies are reading, travel, fitness training, tennis and movies
  • And, he has a bunch of letters after his name denoting some serious professional accreditations: T. Mark Pace, CLU, RHU, ChFC

Bonnie Brown Hartley, Ph.D.

Bonnie is a founding partner of the Vital Longevity Institute and the senior developer of the facilitator training and certification program for the Vitalign System.

Bonnie has extensive experience coaching and facilitating individual and group change. She is also president of Transition Dynamics Inc. She is a Fellow in the Family Firm Institute and holds their certificate in family wealth advising. She is an emeritus board member of the Family Firm Institute and Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprise. She speaks internationally on leveraging change, governance systems and leadership development in enterprise families.

Her books Sudden Death and Unexpected Wealth were published in 2006. She co-authored with John Gibson The Dynamics of Aging Families and Health Care Issues of Aging Families, also published in 2006. Bloomberg Press published her book, Family Wealth Transition Planning, co-authored with Gwendolyn Griffith, in 2009.  In 2010 Bonnie and co-author Michael T. Hartley released the two-CD series, Think Ahead.

Civia Lee-Verstraete

Civia works closely with Bonnie Hartley as a co-developer of the facilitator training and certification program for the Vitalign System. She has been a Vitalign System facilitator since early 2017.

Civia acquired her coaching training from CoachU and as Program Leader at Landmark Education Corporation. Civia brings all her experience together to contribute to clients looking to find and fulfill on their next best possibilities in life.

During her employment as a consultant with Mandrake and as a coach with NEXCareer, she focused on both new employment and start up experiences in career transitions as well as personal lifestyle issues. Civia’s exposure to working with clients seeking significant change has provided much satisfaction as well as relief in working through a successful alignment to a new future.

Graduating from McGill University with an MBA in Finance, Civia joined Gillette Canada Inc.  With an initial solid grounding in finance, she moved into the world of brand management.  Significant consumer packaged goods experience then opened up a position with a billion-dollar Canadian manufacturing company as a Commercial Marketing and Business Manager.

Civia has an expert understanding of both the employment market and the career management process, and how they operate in the business marketplace.  Her initial background followed a traditional corporate career path and then she experienced being laid off with a subsequent career transition into an unrelated field. Having navigated these practical experiences successfully has only added to grounding her empathetic expertise in facilitating the coaching initiative you now explore.

Curtis Verstraete

Curtis is a founding partner of the Vital Longevity Institute and the co-developer of the Vitalign System.
He has over 35 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking greater fulfilment, purpose and reward in business.

As CEO of On Purpose IP, he has empowered thousands of advisors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to make breakthroughs in their business and personal success.
His greatest talent is packaging unrecognized and under-valued intellectual property into money making processes, programs, and products.

Since graduating with a Journalism degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, Curtis has been a serial entrepreneur, speaker, accomplished seminar host, and writer who is constantly developing his skills and capabilities.

Curtis and his wife Civia live in the Rocky Mountain community of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. When not learning, coaching or developing new intellectual property, Curtis passionately pursues his love of skiing and other outdoor activities.

A Note from Brad…

I believe fundamentally that our society has built multi-billion-dollar industries assisting people from the outside in, while ignoring one of the most fundamental elements of nature – the need to work from the inside out.  There is a place for both, but it is a balance between Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

The spark that renewed my interest in my personal health came during a series of annual physical exams. I began to wonder why it was that I would so see my doctor, then he would order labs. Several weeks later, I would receive a generic form letter indicating that everything was normal, accompanied by the lab results. As I looked at the results, I noticed that there were a couple of markers that were on the high side of the normal range. In other words, it wouldn’t take much to push me into a place I didn’t want to be. I changed things up and asked my doctor to order my labs first, then we could discuss them at my annual exam. After a couple of years of keeping my areas of concern in check, but not making much progress, I asked my doctor why I was still on the high side of normal and what we could do. His immediate response was to prescribe a medication. That was it! There was no way that in my early forties was I going to begin fixing my issues with pharmaceuticals.   I began seeing a naturopathic doctor and following his retirement, I became a patient of a Pacific NW practice focused on longevity.  The premise of the clinic is that “normal” stinks!  Why?  Because “normal” in a typical 65 year old American means you are already in decline.  My goal, and the goal of my doctor is for me to be optimal decades past what our society perceives as the point of decline.

Simultaneously, my good friend Mark Pace was synthesizing 40 years of actuarial experience and personal coaching into a revolutionary program. He created a series of Transformational Learning Exercises that assist in shifting the mindset with regard to aging, what is possible, and the action steps necessary to live a long, healthy, vital life.

I began using the program both personally and professionally with great results.

I am part of a movement that shifts our society’s perceptions of aging and provide the tools to support it!  The impact that this could have on individuals, families, communities, and the world is enormous.  Slowing down and giving up too early is the greatest waste of human capital ever!

A couple of concepts – The Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt and the Prime-Time Myth

The Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt is that powerful force that exists in our society to fit in.  It is what largely drives the definition of “normal” and “acceptable” and serves primarily as a reason to settle versus Seeking, Striving, and Creating.

The Prime-Time Myth is the perpetuation of a set of ideas around what life, retirement, and aging is supposed to be.  But it is based in culture, not science.

I help solve the “Prime Time Myth.” There is a misunderstanding about how long people believe they will live.

Most people underestimate how long they will live by 20 years or more. Which leads to many mistakes in how they decide to live their lives. Perhaps the biggest mistake is something we call the “Prime Time Myth.”  In general people believe that their prime productive years are between ages 25 and 55.  The myth is a remnant of the industrial revolution when most people did manual labor and they were worn out by 55.

However, in today’s modern society where most people are employed in knowledge type businesses and professions, the new prime is between 55 and 85.  The problem is most people have already given up and slow down and waste their prime years. Not only that, but because of this, they often compromise on their health, their wealth and their happiness.

My programs and coaching supply a method to overcome the “Prime Time Myth.”  It helps individuals shift their perception about how long they have to live and how healthy they will be during that time so that they can live into the more real Prime Time with health and vitality.  They then become role models for others around them.  Using the tools in the Vital Lifelong Alignment Program, we can impact the perception around lifespan, health spans and the new Prime Time.

In Wellness,

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Ideal Life 360 is a Human Performance Transformation company, aimed at equipping you with the tools to live your most ideal life.  We provide various types of support to people who want to live an amazing life, including; ‘do it yourself’ courses, transformational programs, one-on-one coaching, and immersion retreat experiences.